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Free Zombie Hero - Kill Angry War Ninja Aims to Beguile Gamers With Things they Love!


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Jun 18, 2010
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Yes, it's free iPhone game time again, and what with "free", "zombie" and "ninja" being three of a gamer's favourite words, I just know you'll be rushing to check it out asap on the app store. And in fact, the game has actually been designed by its makers, Fabrication Games, to cunningly lure the innocent iPhone gamer into its thrall by shamelessly dangling some of our favourite words in front of us. Fabrication Games believes that it has come up with "the most wanted iPhone game ever", based on research by The Game Trail, a video-based app-discovery app, which lets gamers see games in action before they buy. Fabrication has used this data to come up with a game based on the most popular search strings, with the end result being Free Zombie Hero - Kill Angry War Ninja! They know us so well!

President of Fabrication Games, Tommy Palm, said that there were obviously some search terms that couldn't be used: "We would have loved to make a Free Mario Zombie game but I am not convinced Nintendo would have appreciated that so much," he joked, adding that the Fabrication team basically saw it as a fun challenge to make a game based on (non-trademarked) search strings.

Source: Fabrication Games
Hi, thanks for picking up our game.

wanted to post links to a video of the game and a link to the game itself but seems like you need 3 posts to be able to post links. I'll post them as soon as I hit the 3 post limit. If you want to check it out before then you can visit our you tube channel (FabricationGames) for the video. The game is also on the AppStore so a simple search there will take you to the game. It's free so check it out! :)

We welcome all feedback :) And are thankful for it.

Hey hey!!

Just wanted to stop by and say that Free Zombie Hero will sport Game Center support in the near future!
Now you know. :)
Oh yeah!
And make sure you check out our two other releases - World in War which is released today and Bugfest due out December 21st!! :)