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Foxconn Rumored to be Helping out Apple With the Sapphire Production


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Nov 27, 2012
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By now, you probably know that Apple planned to release this year iPhones that had sapphire screens, but it didn't work out because of their manufacturing partner. But now according to a fresh report from CultofMac, it seems that the company could resort to one of its long-time production partners - Foxconn.

Foxconn might get in on Apple’s sapphire business for future iPhones, according to a source speaking with Cult of Mac. While Foxconn has no actual experience growing sapphire, it is reportedly very interested in the material, and has been actively pursuing various sapphire related patents over the past several years.
Foxconn’s array of sapphire patents include LCD displays with sapphire, protective sapphire covers, methods of sapphire growth, as well as a laser process to cut sapphire substrates to eliminate the need for grinding and polishing.

Source speaking with Cult of Mac said that sapphire production could be carried out in both China and Mesa, Arizona, with most of the production to take place in China. While there's no mention of Apple Watch screens, there's a big chance that Apple could be using sapphire panels in the production of its first smartwatch, as well.

Source: CultofMac
It'll be interesting to see if the sapphire screen production succeeds this time around and what the cost per screen will be.