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Foreign phone: Problems Installing iOS5


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Nov 27, 2011
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I am trying to update my iPhone to iOS5. Probably a bad idea, as I'm having lots of problems doing it with my current setup.

My iPhone 4 is from Japan. After coming back to the states, I found that I had to get a hardware hack to get AT&T SIM cards to work. It's a little chip that sits between the SIM card and the iPhone in the tray. The chip is made by a company called Gevey (gevey.com). Every time my phone powers up or restarts, I have to dial 112 and then turn Airplane Mode off and back on a couple times, waiting about a minute in between. After that, the phone normally picks up the carrier and goes on like usual. Not so after installing iOS5.

After I installed iOS5, the iPhone is now starting in some kind of diagnostic/OS setup mode and I can't view the Home screen or do anything but what the menu wants me to do. If I continue with the iOS5 setup, it simply tells me that my SIM is invalid. If I press the home button, I get 3 options ("Emergency Call", "Start Over" (referring to iOS5 setup), "Wi-Fi Settings" (for iOS5 setup)).

After researching the chip, I found that no chip yet exists to make my phone and SIM work with iOS 5. Am I hosed until a new chip comes out? Or do I need to get a new phone or does anyone have any idea what I can do to get my phone working again? Do I need to jailbreak it now?

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