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Cannot Activate After Restore on Jailbroken & Blocked iphone4


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Dec 28, 2011
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Please can someone advise? I bought an iphone 4 last year from ebay, stupidly a meet and cash payment from someone local. It was jailbroken and showed an active sim, but no signal. The IMEI was blocked so its been used as an ipod by my son. Lesson learned.
Been working fine just as ipod, but he decided to restore it yesterday because he wanted to put ios5 on it. Now it wont activate because itunes says only a supported sim can be used. This was after inserting my o2 sim into it. I know what network it was originally on, so if I get a sim, will the phone activate again? Could someone please advise, even though I know its useless as a phone I want to get it back to working again as an ipod.
Can it be activated in any way? Can ios5 be installed? He said nothing happened when he did a backup during the restore process so I dont think a restore from backup is an option. Can it be recovered using DFU mode?

Confused what to do so advice greatfully appreciated!