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FM Transmitter buying advice


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Aug 5, 2010
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Can anyone help me to find out best quality iPhone 4 accessories? I recently placed an order for iPhone 4 at ATT Wireless through ATT Wireless online deal and excited to get it. Currently I am looking at buying a FM Transmitter with car charger. I searched online, but can't find good information on this topic. Does anyone know where can I buy best quality All-in-one FM Transmitter at lowest prices?

Thanks in advance for your inputs.
I bought one for 5 bucks at the dollar store. Runs off of batteries or cig lighter. The quality was better than expected. No noise al all clear as day but there is a bit of roll of on the high end and low end which could be compensated with an eq. Only problem is sometimes the power jack will pop out and it will quit working. Might be able to mod that. Had to trim a little of the audio jack so it would fit in the phone with case on. Can't use the 5 dollar charger I have at the same time till I can get a hub for the cig lighter. The point is is that I wouldn't spend that much on one because I doubt the quality would be much better than my cheap one. If you do have some money to spend you could probably just change out your car radio for one with a USB or iPhone in and get better sound and make life simpler all the way around.
If you havent bought anything yet check this transmitter out. I have one and its really handy. The sound quality is awesome, its like listening to a cd on your radio. Its a charging dock too and even has a USB port where you can charge other things. I use it to charge my blue tooth ear piece. The transmitter works with my iPod too which is a double awesome! It works with iphone 4's too. It worked with my buddys.

Flexpod FM Transmitter