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Five of Apple iPhone's Hidden Tricks


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Jul 27, 2011
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Here's a quick sampling of hidden tricks you might have missed with your Apple iPhone. While several of these tricks are "old school" and have been shared before, some of them might be new to you, and some of them simply bear repeating.
  1. Your iPhone can run faster by clearing up RAM - Hold down the power button long enough to get the "slide to power off" prompt. After that, hold down the home button. Wait for the screen to go blank, and then your home screen will re-appear. This will clear out your RAM.
  2. Your iPhone might also run faster by clearing the cache - Here's another speed boosting tip. You can clear the cache by going into any of the App Store, Podcasts, Music, Game Center, and Phone apps. Then, tap any of the single icons along the bottom 10 times, and that will clear the cache.
  3. View all of the tabs you recently closed in Safari - If you need to reread something you recently closed in Safari, you just need to hold down the "+" symbol at the bottom of the screen. This will cause Safari to open up a list.
  4. Check the timestamps for your text messages - It can sometimes be frustrating that your text messages do not show the time you had a conversation; luckily, it actually does, but it's hidden just out of view. To access the timestamps for your text messages you only need to drag your thumb to the left. This will cause the timestamps to reveal themselves.
  5. You can create a sleep timer for your music - Do you like to let your music serenade you to sleep at night, but don't want to waste your battery life having it play all night. Luckily, Apple included a handy feature that allows you to set a sleep timer for your music to automatically shut itself off. You just need to set the timer in your Clock app.
Sound off and let us know what you think of these few hidden tricks for the iPhone, and be sure to share your favorites as well!


Apr 24, 2013
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I really had no idea there was a way to clear up ram, and clear the cache. This is cool.

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