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Firework Apprentice [3D adventure game in fantastic world of floating islands]


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Apr 15, 2014
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Hi Everyone,
I would like to share with You a new game:

“Firework Apprentice” is a 3D adventure-puzzle game set in fantastic world of floating islands.
Main story is about a young boy skilled in crafting fireworks and his journey to Emperor's Palace for the annual firework show.

During adventure young Apprentice encounters different islands and meets new characters.
Each location has new, unique challenge, that can be accomplished using his fireworks.
However, Player can use (detonate) only one firework rocket on each location, so he has to be precise when selecting suitable spot and adding explosion force: too much power and you can do more damage than good (firework explosion force affects all environment elements).

Additionally, in order to build new rockets, Apprentice must collect "Moon Powder": a secret ingredient of all his fireworks – it is often acquired on successfully accomplishing new stages - in practice Moon Powder is used to upgrade rocket's explosion power and radius.

iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/app/firework-apprentice/id823113078

- One finger Touch controls,
- 12 unique, colorful locations with different objectives, new characters.
- Collectables objects: Moon Powder for upgrading fireworks.
- Cartoony, destructible environment,
- Graphics powered by Unity3D engine with optimized realtime shadows.
- More than 20 achievements,

$018-firework-apprentice.jpg $007-firework-apprentice.jpg $001-firework-apprentice.jpg $017-firework-apprentice.jpg $003-firework-apprentice.jpg
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Hi Everyone!

I'm proud to announce, that after a long, long time new update is finally released!

New version includes:
- New localizations: Poland and German,
- Alternative control scheme: virtual pad,
- Game Center integration,
- Improved graphics in main options and game menus,
- Enhanced graphics for iPad,
- Improved game performance,
- Now You can speed up cutscenes,
- Still no In App Purchases ;-)

I hope You will enjoy our game, new updates comming soon(er)! ;-)