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Find a way, José! an exciting new puzzle game for iPhone & iPad


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Feb 9, 2012
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  • Test your wits and build your brain muscles in this challenging puzzle game!

    José wakes up one morning and can't find his Potion! This dude is willing to do what it takes, so help him out, will you amigo?

    Find a Way, José! is a new and refreshing take on the sliding-block puzzler genre we are used to enjoying on successful hits such as Unblock Me and Rush Hour. The game is quite simple: slide away irregularly shaped blocks in all 4 directions to pave the way for José to his long-lost Potion. Some obstacles are non-movable, and many levels have strange and surprising boundaries which make this game a unique experience. On his exciting journey, José will explore 6 exotic worlds and solve 60 mind-provoking riddles.

    So put your clever hat on, and set up your brain for turbo-mode. You'll have to be very resourceful and extremely cunning in order to overcome this puzzle game.


    Very addictive! Really great game for the puzzle minded peeps - lars hooghwerff, Nederland
    Awesome game, and I am not the only one who thinks so - it is one of my son's favorites! - Jabronka, Poland
    Very good and addictive puzzle game A must have... Cheers to the developers! - Udit Kumar, India


    Move irregularly-shaped blocks in all 4 directions. Some blocks are non-movable and act as obstacles
    Flex your brain with 60 challenging puzzles that will keep you playing for days (15 levels in the Free Version)
    Enjoy 6 originally crafted worlds with richly-detailed graphics (2 worlds in the Free Version)
    Accumulate J-Coins as you play along to unlock frustratingly hard levels
    Craft your own levels with our exclusive Level Builder (Level submitting - Pro Version only)
    Excel yourself and collect all 300 stars
    Solve all 60 puzzles to reveal the mysterious game ending (Pro Version only)
    Submit your score and progress with Game Center support and Twitter and Facebook integration
    Originally composed soundtracks for each world
    José will cheer, sing and cry throughout the game, depending on your progress
    Free Levels and Themes Updates (Pro Version only)

    Warning: This game is not intended for the slow-witted. If excessive heat accumulates in your right-brain hemisphere, we suggest putting this game down for a couple of hours.

    Download "Find a Way, José!" now, and enjoy an extremely rewarding mind-boggling puzzle game

    Download the game free: App Store - Find a Way, José! - Free

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I love this kind of games. I got tired of the old action shooters, or gravity (or defying gravity) flying-birds. Finally a game that get's me thinking properly. At some point this games becomes really hard and I could actually hear my brain think. Congratz for an excellent puzzle!