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Family Sharing in iOS 8 Lets up to Six Members of a Family Share iTunes Purchases

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Feb 6, 2014
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At WWDC 2014, Apple introduced many new features and options for its developers, but also brought a big revamp for users, as well. One of the biggest novelties is represented by Family Sharing in iOS 8, a really useful tool which lets up to six members of a family share iTunes purchases across devices. Thus, […]

It's a real shame that Apple is taking such a huge step backwards with this new feature. At present 10 iOS devices can share the same purchased content from iTunes (all media including books) and App Store (including all in app purchases). You can track any number of iOS devices with Find My iPhone right now. The only feature that has any merit is the ability to do parental approval remotely. And even that isn't needed since you probably should be standing next to your child when they are making purchases with your credit card.