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Facebook inherent app will not connect :(


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Jun 1, 2013
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Have tried everything I could think of and have been searching through the net for days, please help...

After connecting to my Facebook account on Settings -> Facebook, it seems like the connection is fine (showing my name and asking to allow download contacts and events from facebook to my iphone), but - nothing works:
- Contacts are not being synced (i've tapped "update all contacts" - it said "0 contacts updated"), there is not even "groups" button on the upper left in he contacts app like my friend's phone.
- Events the inherent calendar app are not being synced.
- None of my third-party apps are allowed to use facebook (including thrid-party calenders, instagram ect.). Trying to access facebook will bring a pop-up saying "there was a problem requesting access from facebook"

Every now and than, a pop-up appears asking me toe "Enter the password for ***** in Settings". I tap "settings" in this pop-up, a windows appear with "There was a problem accessing you account. Please reenter the password for *****". I enter the password, sometimes it pops up with "error signing in - the user name or password are incorrect" (which they are not, believe me). after a few trials it accepts my password, but nothing changes.

What i've done so far (and it didn't help):
- A hard reset.
- Deleting the facebook account and app and re-installing it.
- Going to settings -> facebook, under "allow there apps to use your account": only contacts and the inherent calendar appear, and they set on "on". changing it to "off" and "on" again did not help.
- Going to settings -> privacy -> facebook: it shows "Applications that have requested access to your facebook account will appear here", the list is empty (IMPORTANT: even the facbook app is not showing here!)
- Going to settings -> general -> restrictions, it is set on "off".

I'm with iphone 5, ios 6.1.2 (Jailbroken).... please help me...
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