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Extension Cord - Electrical or USB?


Apr 3, 2013
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I need to use a 6-foot extension cord on my iPhone 5S for charging.

Is it better to use an electrical extension cord, or a generic (non-Apple) USB one, or does it not matter?
I don't even see any on the Apple website.

Thanks, cb
Apple does indeed offer a 2 meter USB cable on their site for $29.00. I personally know of 2 other people plus myself who use it and it works just fine. It's also okay to use the standard 1 meter cable with the adapter plugged into a regular AC extension cord. They'll both work equally as well, so your decision may be based on looks or convenience in your particular application. As for 3rd party USB cords, my personal preference is to stick with Apple or Apple certified. FWIW.

I got a 10 foot Monoprice certified lightning cable on Amazon for about $20. It's just the cable. I use it with my Apple Adaptor/Charger. It works great. Just be sure if it's not Apple brand, that it's Certified.

You can use an extension cord as long as you don't experience any problems or issues with it. I've never had a problem with it. Some people have had problems with their device not charging properly. Not sure why. May be cheap cords. ?
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I'd use an electrical extension lead, every time, and plug in the standard USB cable.

Way cheaper!!!!
Lots of negative reviews for the Monoprice cable, though I've used other Monoprice cables in the past. It seems they separate at the Lightening connector.

I'll stick with the electrical extension cords.
Thanks, cb
its better to use the electrical cord extension. when you extend a usb charger with a usb cable, the amount of power at the actual connector is lower than the actual output of the adapter.