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Experiences Elevation Dock 2?


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Apr 1, 2014
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Hi all,

Any Elevation Dock 2 users here? I've ordered one through a Dutch site, where I got a great deal btw :)
I should receive it either today or tomorrow. Ofcourse I will let you guys know my first impressions when I have it in my hands.

Just looking for some other users on this site and how they like it.

This dock is awesome! I'm extremely impressed with the quality and how easy it is to actually undock my phone.
The website (WeDocks.nl) I bought it from had a quote from Wired on their website: 'The dock Apple should have made in the first place'.

Well they are correct imo. This thing is beautifull and a very solid piece. It's also surprisingly heavy for its size, my guess it's around 0,5kg.
I'm actually surprised that Apple makes those cheap plastic docks, while this one is much more the quality you expect from Apple.

The good:
- heavy piece of solid aluminum, with a great finish
- silver matches the silver from my Macbook
- very easy undocking! They claim one-hand undocking and they are right. Very, very nice
- craftsmanship is unreal, a lot of little details I couldn't see in the first place
- holds the lighting cable nice and tight, so it won't fall behind my desk.

The bad:
Well nothing really, the price is a bit steep but after seeing the quality I think it's pretty fair.
The shop I've bought it from even said it was possible to do a groupbuy for a discount, but I couldn't wait for my dock :p

A pic I took next to my Macbook:

$2014-03-18 20.15.14.jpg
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