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Epic Citadel Unreal 3 Engine Running On iPhone 4


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Jun 15, 2010
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Bay Area, CA

Epic Citadel comes from comes from Epic Games, creators of the Unreal 3 Engine. In this sneek peek of an environment from their upcoming game, it looks jaw dropping. This app allows you to move around a huge environment, kind of looking like Oblivion, and has amazing detail. The iDevice is able to process and render this video so smoothly with close to no lag. Epic wanted to show that their engine could run really well on Apple's devices and this is it. Could you imagine crazy games like a mobile version of Gears of War on the iDevice? Think of all the possibilties this engine can bring in. It looks like mobile gaming on the iDevice is just beginning.
that game is the first one i looked in the app store wile hearing about it on the keynote.. i cant wait to buy it :D and if any one wants a vs match then let me know lol