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Email password keeps reverting back to old password


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Jun 26, 2011
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All of a sudden, about a week ago, my push mail stopped working on my AT&T account. I did the usual things, restarted the phone, deleted the email account and added it back, etc. but it still won't push. The strange thing is I went into my AT&T account and changed my password in Outlook. It tested fine and sent the test email. When I go on my iphone and add the AT&T email account back I enter my username and new password and hit "done". It verifies and gives me the check marks and says account added. But when I go back into that account and look at the settings the new password did not stay. It went back to the old password. Why would it do that? How do I get it to save my new password? It verifies it as being correct and I save it but when I go back in the new password is not there. The old one is there again. Does this have anything to do with my email not being pushed to my phone? Please help. Thanks​

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