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E-mail with attachments not shown properly on iPhone

Michael Graubart

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Nov 2, 2013
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London, UK.
I received an e-mail (via BTinternet) on my iPhone 3G with IOS 4.2.1. There was no subject-line, there were two or three words of message and there was a faint image of a question-mark. Nothing else.

Before deleting it, I looked at my e-mails on my computer, and it turned out to be a really long message, with 7 photographs shown inline and also included as attachments (though, indeed, with nothing in the subject-line).

Why was there no indication of any of this on my iPhone, so as at least to make sure of not deleting a message as junk? And what can I do to prevent this happening again?
Most likely your phone's not caching the email and its content properly. I would attempt to refresh your messages and see if that works. If not, remove your email address, perform a hard reset of your device, and re-input your credentials, load up your messages and see if that fixes the issue.
Thank you very much, Willerz2. I have now coped with this particular e-mail and deleted it, but the next time i receive a dubious-looking e-mail I shall try your suggestions.