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    Good morning to one and all.

    I have a confusing issue, to be honest haven't tried the method for some time.

    Here we go.

    Friend of mine gave me a sd card with some old school photos.

    I inserted the sd card into the MacBook via adaptor as the card was a small one.

    open the sd card in finder.

    selected one of the images went to drag and drop it into the photo app that is in the dock

    looked into the photos and it wasn't there

    showed up on my iPhone

    opened the photo app and noticed on the left side under where it says photos right at the top, There is a folder there named Imports the photo in question in in that folder also a lot of other images.

    Question why did this image from the sd card go to the import folder not into the. photo app as I thought it would.

    never noticed that import folder before must have been there?

    Now how to get these photos from sd card to the photo app.

    Please help this guy is coming for the card later today.

    Thanks so much you have been very helpful in the past.

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