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Deafiphone4 newbie


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Jul 3, 2010
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Hi, I'm new to this thread.

I purchased my iphone4 on tueday at around 2:30 PM, was the last iphone they had on stock. I've sadly paid $425 for It, but I love It.. I am hard of hearing and I use ASL as well and facetime Is a great feature for me...

I am seeking maybe perhaps some glitches on iphone4 safari.

view this website on i4 & it will load before it stops, safari will shut completely off. i've called apple and they kinda like shrugh it off and said its connection but i've had multiple people try on their i4 and it does it to them too.. suresh sallan, owensboro, KY ameriprise financial advisor.
search suresh sallan on google and click his financial advisor website

Thanks & see you around.
it would not allow me to leave a link since i have zero postings, but as soon as i can, i will provide it..
sorry, not trying to flood this. just wanting to see if u all get this glitch too.