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Data Usage Doubles with 6 Plus to 15GB/month. How?


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Jan 24, 2012
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I went from using 6GB data per month with my 3G 4s to 15GB with 4G LTE 6 Plus. I know the 4G uses more bandwidth but not double (or 2.5 times). How can I be using 15GB? I've even cut back on my usage since I noticed it doubling. Verizon and Apple have discussed it and finally Apple gave me a new phone. We shall see if it changes. Any other ideas?
Have you checked to see if you have any apps constantly fetching new data or running in the background? Some apps, including FaceBook, are known battery hogs and can use an astounding amount of data if you're not careful.
I've noticed one thing.
Data is doubling in consumption w everyone pretty much that I know.
My usage is the same yet data is double it baffles me and I've had no choice but to disable it.
I have had the 6 plus since it's September release. My data usage is not noticeably more than when I had my IPhone 5. You may need to check your other settings.
New phone is still using 2X+ what the 4s did. I have no other choice than to sell it and try a 6.
I have a 6 plus and my wife has a 6.
we use about 2gig a month between the 2 of us, sometimes (on rare occasions we went over that).
now I do have a 6 gig a month (4gig plan with 2 gig a month free for 2 years) and starting to use it more but everywhere I go has wifi so....
Have you checked your settings including background refreshing & notifications? I noticed that all my apps defaulted to show in Notification Center as well as allowing them to background refresh. I had to turn a lot of that off.
Make sure u close the apps when finished not sure if running apps in background consume data.
I have a six plus and I'm on wifi always and on the road I don't upload pics or stream videos and I use 1-2g I am always on the phone..
Make sure when on wifi U look and click on it and it don't say LTE on top(or 4G)
That's a lot of data my younger daughter who had the 4S now the 5S always was a data hog still is w her snapchat I flipped and turned her data off within the ATT app and now she's stopped lol and uses wifi and don't upload nonstop snaps
I was mm pretty upset when I seen all the data always used but it was directly HER number using it than I got the att app.
Download the app or type data.
If your not on ATT im sure other carriers offer same or similar options
the ATT app shows a lot of detail of who is using the data. I havent seen any data increase since going from the 5 to the 6 plus.