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Jun 18, 2010
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The iPhone and iPod touch clock app, complete with Timer, World Clock, Alarm and Stopwatch, has always been a favourite app of many iPhone owners (making it all the more strange that Apple took it off the iPad!), and we can’t get enough of our clock apps, or so it would seem, hence this very handy Top 10 list from Recombu.com which presents what they deem to be the 10 “coolest” iPhone 4 clocks. Not necessarily the most useful clocks, but the one’s with the most sense of style, and many of them are free too! See if there’s any in there you like:

  • Polar Clock - Just figuring out the time on this luminous spiral wonder is a challenge, but it looks really cool.
  • Exquisite Clock - Users submit numbers which are then randomly displayed as the time.
  • Nib Clock - Looks like a run-of-the mill clock, until you notice that the second hand is a tiny little animation. There are many different ones to choose from, including a shark chasing a swimmer or a wriggly worm.
  • It’s a Clock - Love this! Gives you an approximate time, just as if you were asking someone on the street.
  • Word Clock - Looks kind of hard to see. Simply tells the time in bright orange lettering rather than numbers.
  • Pencil Clock - Hand-drawn clock with either an analogue or digital version. Despite looking like a novelty clock it actually has some useful features such as alarms.
  • Hard Readable Clock Pack - Again, loving the wit of these app makers! This is like an app version of those watches that you see people wearing that look good but have absolutely no functional use whatsoever.
  • Iconclock - A basic little wristwatch icon.
  • Dotamas Clock - This has to be my favourite - the time is displayed as judges holding up scorecards rating the cute little dancing guy. It’s made by an artist in Sapporo, Japan.
  • hms - The clock is a basic digital display, but the app also includes an ever-changing shape that will hold you spellbound and ensure that you waste time as well as tell it!

Source: Recombu.com