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Contents in NOTES app disappeared


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May 30, 2017
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Yesterday I opened my notes app on iphone 6S which syncs with my gmail account and found all my information disappeared in both locations. It’s not been deleted nor can I find it anywhere else. Can someone pls help me retrieve the contents? It had all my important information on it. Thanks in advance
Do you have a recent backup of your iPhone? The notes would be there and restoring from that backup should get those notes back. It wouldn't help with any notes added since the last backup was made, though.
Not done recent back up as Icloud does it automatically but it’s not in there either
Did you take a look at your Gmail account? They might be there, hidden in a folder (Inbox or Trash).
ICloud backups happen every twenty-four hours if set to automatically backup. As Scifan suggests, you could try a restore from the latest backup.
If you check your Gmail account on the website, not through the mail app are the notes there?
Hi thx for your replies. It didn’t retrieve from back up. But while i was googling, i came across someone’s reply relating to this subject and I followed what he wrote. Fortunately I got all back now but 4 copies of each note lol. I found it in inbox then saved it to folder.