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Contacts transfer help needed plz


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May 4, 2012
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Hello! I have just got an iphone 4s couple of days back for my husband. I saved all my contacts from Blackberry to Yahoo account and then connected iphone to itunes. The contacts got transferred automatically.
The weird thing is, there are contacts which i didnt even know existed. Most of the contacts had a home number, mobile number and email id saved (under the one contact name) but once they have been transferred onto iphone, the 3 separate numbers/email are showing ie, not under the one contact. How can i amend that without copying pasting everything...it will take him dayssssssss!

Also, all the latest contacts arent showing on iphone for some reason :s

Can anyone help? Really confused!
The latest and greatest method of either saving / restoring / editing contacts on the phone is with CopyTransContacts

Now the great news, the bad news and more god news..

The great news is that its free and can be downloaded from *** Removal of External Link per Forum Rules ***

The bad news is that there is only a beta version which is limited to 20 actions (+ 20 more by getting a code from facebook)


P.S.. its all done without having to sync or open itunes
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I am in a similar situation. It turns out Gmail would save any email address you used to communicate with to your Gmail account as a separate contact entry.

Over the years I have ended up with a number of duplicated entries in my Gmail Contacts - i.e. there will be three separate entries for " Rob Merkel" each one showing only a separate detail (work/personal email address or phone number).

Once I synced my iPhone contacts with my Google contacts via iTunes - big mistake - this mess was transferred to my iPhone. It will take ages until I manually merge all these duplicated contact entries on my iphone!