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Cheap iPhone Insurance by Ensquared


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Oct 25, 2010
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Delray Beach USA
Ensquared focuses on iPhone insurance for all types of iPhones including 3Gs and 4. We cover both locked and unlocked devices up to 90 days old. When you are shopping around there is some important things we would like to point out:

  • Ensquared provides for multiple $1000 claims
  • Ensquared is $10 cheaper than Square Trade for a 2 Year Accidental Damage product at $89.99 Once off.
  • Enquared is backed by Fortegra Financial (an A.M. Best rated company).
  • Ensquared has a 24 x 7 operated claims center
  • Ensquared replaces iPhones on most claims as does not repair with fake parts
  • Ensquared iPhone Insurance can be purchased online in minutes
  • Ensquared is a 100% Phone insurance company, we are 100% passionate about Smartphone device insurance.
  • Ensquared covers all iPhones up to 90 days old
  • Ensquared gives you a 15 day money back guarantee
It's no wonder Google rates us in the top 2 for "Iphone Insurance".

Check out our products at Phone Insurance
We have many more reasons but we think that right now this is enough to get you interested and hopefully you will take the time to visit our site.