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ChatYES! [New app feedback appreciated]

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Aug 12, 2014
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Hi guys

I'd really appreciate your comments about our new app ChatYES! It's free on the iOS App Store.


> Chat with people all over the World
> Chat privately
> Throw rotten tomatoes, cream pies and wet toilet paper at anyone you like (!)
> Stick heart stickers on the most awesome people
> Play the Matching Game

ChatYES! includes lots of cartoon fun: Throw tomatoes, water balloons, wet toilet paper at people. Stick heart stickers on anyone. Great ways to meet new people. Our digital equivalent of pulling a girl’s pigtails in the playground. Have fun ! :)

Please email us at ...[EDIT]... with any suggestions or comments and we'll credit your Chat YES! account with 500 Tomatoes (you'll see what we mean when you try the app ;-) )

Many thanks - I really appreciate it.

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