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Charged for texts


Nov 4, 2013
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Mahopac, ny
When I receive a text from my wife's iPhone sometimes I get charged but when I get a text from my son or daughters iPhone I don't get charged. also my wife's texts don't show up on my iPad only my iPhone, any ideas?
Are all devices using iMessage? Are some set to "Send as sms if iMessage is not available"? I've been having issues with iMessage lately and with having it set to allow sms when not available, I am sure I am being charged.
Settings>Messages>Send as SMS>On/Off

you can toggle this setting depending on if you want charges or not if the iMessage doesn't go through to another Apple device
I will check her phone when she gets home she is away for the week thanks mine is on
Yes I could do that, but it's funny it's only from her phone! Still don't know why I don't get it on my ipad
If it is being sent as an SMS you will not receive it on your iPad. The simplest way to check what type of message you are receiving is the color of the background. Blue is iMessage; green is SMS.
Sorry. My mistake. The sent ones from you show the type of message, not the received ones.
right, vett...incoming (received texts) are always gray. Outgoing are either green (sms) or blue (iMessage). Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but if a message goes out to another Apple device as green (sms), the iMessage issue could be on either end, the sender or the receiver.
If you have iMessage toggled on in your settings, and a text shows green, then the other person either has iMessage toggled off, there's a poor data signal or the other person has their phone powered off.