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Can't delete photos on iPhoone 5


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Jan 26, 2011
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Whenever I take a photo, the photo appears on 3 different Albums autopmatically: 1) Camera Roll, 2)Photo Library and 3) an album with strange numerals: 2011-06-20-001 ( which I would like to delete). As a result, all of my free storage space is used-up by photos stored in 3 Albums. I attempted to delete the duplicates, but only the photos in Camera Roll can be deleted. The photos in the other 2 albums can be sent but not deleted off. The Album with the numerals, I would love to delete thus free-up storage space. Any advice how to delete these photos off my phone. Why do I need to store a photo in 3 different places? Thanks.
First the good news. There is only one copy of the photo taking up memory space, not the three you think there is.

The other two albums are simply alternate views of the existing data. If you have been using iTunes to create and/or manipulate photo albums, then you will have to use iTunes to remove the 2011-06-20-001 album. If you didn't, then you are now in uncharted territory for my knowledge base. But just in case, my guess would be is that the album was created by the use of the iPhoto app.
Thanks. Never knew that a photo shown in 3 different albums only takes up 1 storage space. Never used iPhoto App. I'd like to eliminate that photo album with just numerals; any way to delete that album? You inferred that by going into iTunes, it could be changed, but how? Thanks again.