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Cannot update or delete WhatsApp


Oct 29, 2014
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I have been using the app WhatsApp for several months without any issues on an iPhone 4. Last week, I received a message stating that I had to update the program to continue to use it. So I tapped Update, which took me to the App store to apply updates. However, each time I tried to download and install the update, it failed. When I tried to launch WhatsApp, the icon was grayed out and unusable.
So I deleted the App from my iPhone and then tried to repurchase it from the App store. However, the App store apparently seems to think that I still have the program because when I go to WhatsApp, "Update" rather than "Purchase" is the option I get. When I select Update, there is a long delay of about 15-20 minutes, after which I receive the error message that the update failed. The message is "Unable to Download App. 'WhatsApp Messenger' could not be installed at this time." I then get a choice between "Retry," which never works, or "Done." This has happened about 4 or 5 times.
I just did a Hard Reset followed by a Restore, but after the Restore, I still have the same issue.
Is there a way to completely delete WhatsApp so that I can repurchase it rather than update it, since updating never works?
Maybe the app is visible in Settings - General - Usage - Storage. If you find it there, remove it completely, then you should be able to install it again.
I was able to resolve this issue by enabling cellular data and then trying to download the update. Having both cellular data as well as Wifi seemed was the solution. The issue may have been interruptions in the Wifi signal, which was corrected by having data enabled to supplement the Wifi.