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can you use phone audio as audio in video capture?


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Mar 24, 2012
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We're doing a big group video scavenger hunt and each of the groups is using an iphone to video their tasks. Some of them involve "hidden camera" stuff, which is tricky. The phone itself is easy to hide by the person being about 20 feet away acting like they are on the phone. But audio is tricky. The person on camera can have one of those earpieces with the mic on the cord, with the earpiece hidden and the mic used as a lapel mic.

As for getting the audio to the iphone camera, I guess we could have a separate phone on speaker and just held up to the camera phone mic, but that sounds like a poor solution. also considered doing the same thing but with 2 way radios which wouldn't have a delay and the speaker would be a little better. But, still doesn't seem much better.

Is there a way that the camera phone could actually be on a call with the field phone and the received audio be used as audio in the video? I know that's confusing, but I don't know a good way to explain it. Is there some kind of an app for this?

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