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Can only open part of the PDF file


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Mar 26, 2011
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I have an iphone 4 jailbroken/unlocked with a 4.2.1 OS.
The problem I'm having is when ever I try to open a PDF file through safari it would only open so that it fits the size of the screen. So if I have it vertical it would should a bit more than having it horizontal. If i hold on to the link hoping that I can just download the whole file it would only give me an option to open it or cancel. So seems like i can't read more than one and a half page of a PDF file. I tried multiple apps that can download PDF files via internet and store it on your iphone and then open it but the particular website that I go to doesn't like the way the apps open them and keeps giving me errors saying that you can't open a website like that.

So here's the question. Does anyone know how to fix it so that i can see the whole file via safari?
If not is there anyway to just download it on my iphone and open it there?