Can Iphone 5s A1530 connect to two LTE bands simultaneously?

Discussion in 'International iPhone Users' started by aafzz, Jan 23, 2014.

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    In Saudi Arabia, we have two operators" each of them provides LTE network with two bands". STC provides TDD 2300 and FDD 1800, also Mobily provides TDD 2600 and FDD 1800, and STC TDD 2300, Mobily TDD 2600 are widespread. Most of their routers and mobiles connecting to all their bands, but Iphone 5s A1530 that supports both TDD 2300, 2600 and FDD 1800 only connects with FDD 1800.
    My questions are:
    Can Iphone 5s A1530 connect to two LTE bands simultaneously in some other countries like Hong Kong and Australia?
    Is Iphone 5s A1530 banned by apple or operators to connect only in one band?
    After ios 7 been jailbracked, is there any app in the cydia allow us to exchange between bands?

    Thanks :)
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