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can I use two different iPhones with iTunes one one pc?


Mar 24, 2014
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I've got an iPhone 3g , and a 5s iPhone.

can I use both phones on iTunes , using the same username, on the same computer?

As far as I understand , iTunes doesn't allow you to sync your music to someone else's phone, since apple wants you to purchase the music, apps, etc.
But what if you have your music on the 3g , and then you want to migrate the music , photos , videos ,etc to the newer phone. Does this mean you can't use the old phone under the same account with iTunes anymore?

Can someone clarify this for me , and explain how it works as far as using your phone with different computers.

I'm assuming that I can't just go to my friends house and use itunes to transfer his music library to my phone.
I don't see why not. It's a pretty common practice actually. As long as the two devices are utilizing the same AppleID, Apple has no issues as they understand that a lot of users may have an iPod, iPhone and an iPad as well.

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You cannot use two iphone with one pc. You have to buy another pc for the second iphone.
100% incorrect. I currently have 2 iPods, 3 iPhones, and 5 iPads, all using the same computer.

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You cannot use two iphone with one pc. You have to buy another pc for the second iphone.
Yes, you can have more than 1 device on the same iTunes Apple ID. But make sure the ID's for iCloud, iMessage and FaceTime are different. Also, the names of the phones have to be different. For example, they both can't have the name "iPhone". One can be named "Sally's iPhone 5, and another named, "John's iPhone 4s". Go to Settings>General>About to change the phone's name.
The beauty of sharing an iTunes Apple ID, is you can share the same apps (paid or free), music, movies, books and etc. You don't have to pay twice for paid stuff. My iPhone 5 was purchased 3 days too soon to qualify for the free Apple apps like iPhoto and etc. My wife just got a new iPhone 5c and I set it up to share the same Apple ID. She downloaded iPhoto, Pages and iMovie for free. So now those are in my phone's purchased list and I also downloaded them for free, except iMovie which I didn't need.
ok, I have another question.

can I have two different profiles , one for each iPhone, with different content for each one?
Let's say , for example , I want to keep certain photos, video ,etc. on my 3G separate from the content on my 5S.
If I connect iTunes to the 5S , does it automatically sync everything , so I get a complete duplicate of everything on the 3G?

I'm sorry if these are dumb questions, I'm just completely new to the iTunes world , and I'd rather ask first before I start pressing buttons and end up deleting something forever. I'd really feel dumb then, lol.
Two Windows profiles is how I have my wife and I's phones set up in iTunes. I had some of the same concerns and although we didn't really need a separate profile for any other reason I did set one up just to use with her phone. I was afraid that I might still get mixed up and accidentally connect her phone in my profile so I gave her Windows wallpaper and desktop a completely different look and password. Of course iTunes would still recognize that a different phone is connected and give a popup, but it makes me feel a little more secure. As a side note, the phones have separate Apple IDs and I've turned off automatic syncing in iTunes so that iTunes doesn't start doing anything by itself.
They won't get mixed up if you use the same iTunes Apple ID. But use different iCloud Apple ID's. The name of the phones have to be different as well. Sally's iPhone 5 and John's iPhone 5s. Both phones will show in iTunes and your content will be separate. Many people do this.
I know someone who has 4 family members on the same iTunes account with each member using a different phone. All their content is kept separate. When one logs in to iTunes to sync, it will show the phone that is connected. It should show the phone's name.
ok, I just tried connecting my 5S to iTunes for the first time. I've been only using my3G to get to learn how to use iTunes to this point.

The problem I'm encountering now is that iTunes is telling me that it cannot read the contents of the phone , and wants me to restore to factory settings. I really don't want to do that. I've just kinda got it to where I want it set up , and now iTunes is telling me I need to wipe everything off the phone!!


What should I do? how do I save everything before I restore to factory settings ?
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yes, I did that already.

iTunes will connect to my 3G iPhone , but will not connect to my 5S

I found this tutorial on youtube which describes the exact problem I'm encountering.

has anyone successfully tried this fix before?

I don't want to just install that program without knowing if it's going to make matters worse.


I am happy to report that following the tutorial above actually did work. I was able to sync my phone with iTunes after doing what the video instructed.
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Excellent tutorial video shared here. It will very useful to solve to connect it easily. Thanks.