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Bloomberg: No Cellular-Enabled Apple Watch 2 This Year


iPhoneForums.net News Team
Jun 15, 2010
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Bay Area, CA
Earlier this year, The Wall Street Journal claimed that the Apple's second-generation Watch would have standalone cellular capabilities. Now that a rumored unveiling of the device is getting closer, Bloomberg has shot down the idea, at least for this year.

Bloomberg claims that a cellular-enabled Apple Watch 2 has been delayed due to battery concerns. While a cellular Apple Watch would perform much better than what we have now, the feature would cause massive battery drainage on the device.

"During the discussions, Apple executives expressed concern that the cellular models may not be ready for release this year and that the feature may be pushed back to a later generation, according to the people. Apple warned that, even on an aggressive schedule, the earliest possible shipment time-frame for cellular models would have been this December, one of the people said."

Having a cellular chip running on such a tiny battery would indeed drain the Apple Watch battery. The battery in the current Apple Watch is already not what it needs to be, so pack in even more processes would be a no no.

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