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Best new feature on 6s


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Oct 22, 2015
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What do you think of the new features of 6s? I like the new Live Photos. Can't believe a few week back I was thinking if I should get the 6 or 6s. Always been on payg so never had an iPhone before but like the latest phones yet wondered if I should just get the 6 as it is slightly cheaper but luckily decided to get the latest one and I'm so glad I did. Also are they really as strong and nearly waterproof as they are said to be? I've seen videos on YouTube people dropping them from high up and having them in water and it took 30 min in water before it stopped working the drops didn't mark the phone. Obviously I'm not risking breaking mine to test it out.
Slow mo video isn't an update on the 6s yes 6s has got it but the 5s and 6 also have it.