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Best iPhone 5/5s Cases?

Hey guys. Im a huge accessories person. Has anyone found any cases worth buying?

I'm not going to get cases for my iphone , I love the white and gold look of my iphone 5s. But someone posted about privtail on this forum (not this thread) they had some cool cases. I installed a tempered glass from Gearmaxx on my iphone 5s though. Been a few weeks and I'm really happy with the quality.
Not glitzy or glamorous.....but the Otterbox is rugged and very liquid/impact RESISTANT (NOTE I did NOT say "-PROOF"!! Nothing's perfect!!;))....and they come in a variety of styles and colors...
The Defender is probably the most robust of the lot....and, seemingly, the fewest color choices available...around $40-45 at most major retailers...Good Luck!
I like the Spigen line up. I'm currently using the Spigen Tough Armor (GOLD Edition)....



About $25 ...Good protection without the excessive bulk.