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Best Buy Might Not Have iPhone 4 on Launch Day?


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Jun 15, 2010
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Bay Area, CA

Someone on the inside at Best Buy decided to leak a "mini launch guide" with iPhone 4 information for the store. Just because you pre-ordered the device for the $50 they were asking, does not mean you will get it on launch day.

The guide says "inventory quantities are still being determined" even though it was announced that each store would receive 45 units. It continues to talk about how the units being in the system is correct, but employees cannot make any promises to customers when they will be available.

Hopefully, at least some of the customers will get what they ordered on time, but at this time, we don't know. Next time you should avoid going to a store that can't use proper grammar on one of the biggest launches of the year, hence the "Reserve your's Today" slogan.

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im not suprised they wont, what would surprise me is if they do have one on launch day
Yeah I only went to Best Buy so I could use my Best Buy credit card. If I didn't need to then I would have ordered online.
I did the pre-order thing on the 15th there. They are saying they should have enough on the 24th, but I will wait and see. Hopefully I get that phone call the day before saying they have one waiting for me.
I only had to give $50 and they put it on a gift card. Which I could have used by now or wait and use it to pay for some of the phone.
Went to my Best Buy again today and talked to a friend that works in the Mobile department. He said they only info they have is that the White won't be available for a while. And didn't really have a list in order of pre-order, everything was in a folder.
But maybe the day before they will go through and put them in order by time. He said they are either going to call the day before or the day of and make appointments.
but the AT&T Inc. has said that iPhone 4 will not be available in its stores until June 29,what a lagggggggggg. Considering iPhone users are "forced" to go with AT&T in the US, I think "unreliable voice and data service" is already bundled into the AT&T service plan. well, really upset about this. but there is one more good thing i have found a very good iphone4 vedio converter at Aneesoft . i bet your special iphone well like it.
well you have the option of sim free then you can go with any carrier, just put their contract sim in there.