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Beginner guide for new game: Arrow C


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Jun 20, 2014
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Arrow C is the latest addictingly fun mobile game. It is easy to learn but you need time to master it. This guide will teach you how to handle some common situations you will face in Arrow C.

In case you are still finding the download link, here it is:


The basic
First you need to understand the rules. You have to eliminate all color blocks to complete a level. The challenge comes when you cannot directly hit a block with the same color as your ball, you lose a star. Basically you start with 3 stars, meaning that you have 3 chances before the game is over. Look at the following example, level 1 scenario, you start with a blinking ball. You can hit any block you want at the beginning.

If I hit the pink block first, the ball will become pink. Here comes the challenge, if I hit the pink block with low speed, the ball will eliminate the pink block and will remain pink after that


Under this circumstance, you will lose a star when you hit the green block because you cannot directly hit a block with different color from the ball.

In order to avoid this, you have to hit the pink block with high speed, the ball will hit the pink block , bounce to the green block and become green


In this way, you can eliminate the green block without losing any star and complete this level. This game is all about when to change color of the ball.

Here are some common angles you will use in the game, if you are not familiar with physics.


Do not always shoot the ball at maximum speed. Sometimes you want the ball to stop at specific location, or stay with specific color. Try to control the force.

Open your mind
Look at the following example, you can see there are at least 3 ways to hit the block


When you stuck on a particular level, try to think in other ways, including the hitting order and hitting angle. Sometimes it can help you to complete a level. Avoid taking risk and find a different route, like this


Plan your move
The most important thing in Arrow C is you need to prepare what happen next. What happen if you eliminate the last green block and your ball is still green? If you think about it you will avoid many simple mistakes.

Common scenarios
Here are some common scenarios


Complete levels with 3 stars
Try to complete all levels with 3 stars if possible. A diamond will be given for free if you complete a level with 3 stars for the first time. So if you stuck on a level and do not have diamond left. Try to complete the previous levels with 3 stars if you are not going to purchase diamonds.

After reading this guide you should have no problem passing the first 30 levels. Sometimes you need luck too. I may write another guide for twin balls if I have time. Love to see someone posting walkthrough videos for each level.