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Barry Steakfries is Back With Age of Zombies!


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Jun 18, 2010
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Australia's Halfbrick Games seem to be having hit after hit right now, and deservedly so as they make some of the most inventive casual games around and they do it all with a great sense of humour too. Fruit Ninja has been a massive iPhone hit for them this year, and now Halfbrick has announced today that they'll be bringing their excellent twin-stick shooter, Age of Zombies, to the iPhone and iPad, featuring the inimitable Mr Barry Steakfries! The gun-toting superhero has already starred in one iPhone game, Monster Dash, but Age of Zombies is actually the game that introduced the legend that is Steakfries to the world, via PSP Minis. It was already a cracking game on the PSP, and Halfbrick says that the iOS version has been greatly enhanced and improved upon from the original PSP Minis version, with updated graphics, new menus and intuitive, touch-specific controls and tutorials.

The game kicks off with the ever heroic Barry visiting the laboratory of the evil Professor Brains, where he discovers an evil plot to destroy mankind by sending zombies through time to wreak havoc. Being the hero that he is, Barry steps through the portal and travels back in time in a last ditch attempt to save the world. And even if he doesn't succeed, he's going to have a good time trying!

There are five unique worlds with multiple levels to explore in the full story mode, featuring zombie cavemen, mummies, ninjas and a zombie T-Rex boss. Other modes include Survival mode, featuring global leaderboards. And as ever, there are plenty of outrageous mutterings from Barry's foul mouth to enjoy!

Age of Zombies will be unleashed on an unsuspecting world some time this October!

Source: Halfbrick Games