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AT&T Micro Cell Intermittant


Jun 30, 2013
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I have had a Micro Cell for about a year. It's been working find, at least after I put an external GPS antenna on it.
Now for the last few days it has been loosing sync over night. I'm not sure if it is the Cell or my phone. Some times the indicators on the Cell all look normal.

If I call AT&T they will just tell me to reboot the box.

Have any of you experienced this?

Anyone ever found that AT&T would test or replace the Cell?

Bob in Vermont
My micro cell drops out when I'm downloading app updates on my laptop. I think I don't have enough WiFi bandwidth to allow for both at the same time. I often have to reboot the MC after the updates. I wonder if there's a way to throttle the laptop for updates?

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