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Assassin's Creed Unity


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Jan 2, 2011
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Newport Beach
I downloaded the free app from App store. Am I missing something? There's doesn't seem to be any game playing. I've solved the puzzles and sent the assassins on these Nomad missions. I expected to pick the people then actually play the mission but it just started a clock and I just waited to see if they succeeded. I did all of them thinking I must go through this before I can officially play. I paid the $1.99 for the Premium but still the same. I at the point where all the Nomad missions have check marks and the center puzzle is checked. The only thing I can see is it says I'm not connected to a PC. Do I need to buy the PC version of this game in order for this app to work? If I do then once I buy this PC version can all the play be done on the iPhone?
i think its puzzle game if you want to play assassins creed then search assassins creed identity its open world game you can play missions and many more things but you need iphone 5 or above device :)
Are you talking about Assasin's creed Pirates
No bro Assasin's creed Pirates is different game and assassins creed identity Is different.... Watch game play of assassins creed identity its awesome but not supported to 4s and lower devices :)