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Apps for a Learning disability person .


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Oct 12, 2013
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I have someone that is close to me with a Learning disability and he has trouble Reading.: is there a app in the app Store to get if he comes across a Word that he does not know he can type it into the box and he can click on go and it will tell me in Voice what the word is? Thank you for any help on this.
I just looked. What about this

Search for "text to speech" that's how I found that.
Hi Eddiekeyton Thank you i will tell him
Also Dragon is an excellent program for learning diabilities. Google it. The only drawback is it's pricey. I have a family member who is an auditory learner. He buys audio books for school, he has text books from school on audio, too. Dictating into the computer has been valuable as well as fun for him. I am aware this is an old post. I figure my post may help someone else. Thanks :)