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Apple's iWatch Rumored to Feature Flexible Curved Display & Wireless Charging


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Jul 27, 2011
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Yesterday, Jony Ivy of Apple supposedly made a bold comment regarding Apple's upcoming iWatch, reportedly claiming that Switzerland was in "trouble" (although his exact wording was supposedly less family-friendly). If today's rumors are true, then what he (might have) said could be an accurate statement.

According to the latest intel, Apple's iWatch will come with a curved flexible OLED display and will also include wireless charging capabilities. Here's a quote with a few details,

It has a flexible display panel that is protected by a cover composed of sapphire, a type of tougher glass, they said. The device's circuit board, which includes its sensors and chips, was described as tiny, about the size of a postage stamp.

For replenishing the battery, the smartwatch will rely on a wireless charging method. Apple had at one point tested solar charging for the watch, but that experiment failed. ~ MacRumors

We can't corroborate any of this just yet, but we should know everything for sure on Tuesday of next week!
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All so exciting, This has to be the most anticipated Apple event so far.