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Applecare: What does it cover ?


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Jul 26, 2010
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What does applecare cover ? Say i drop my phone and i shattered both sides, can they replace that ? Also it says earphones and accessories on the list, so if your earphones burn out or charger breaks they replace that too ?
Not sure about chargers/headphones. But AppleCare only covers manufacture defects for two years... Not cracked glass because of being dropped or water damage.
If you want insurance against accidental damage, go with Squaretrade Warranty -- 2 year coverage for iPhone 4 is around 95.00 ... often discounted depending on their weekly promotion; I had coverage on my 3G and received credit for my unused time upon upgrading my phone -- brought my 2 year warranty cost down to around 55.00.
yea the applecare kinda sucks that's why i got the best buy insurance and I've never felt more at ease lol
i honestly dont know exactly what it cover cause i dont have the paper right in front of me but im sure it covers some wear and tear that apple doesnt. also they told me that if my phone was lost or stolen the would replace it but that could be a lie lol
Best Buys Black tie service does cover wear & tear..not sure of all the details. Another is SquareTrade & ATT offers a monthly insurance. If your looking for drop coverage.