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Apple Watch Has Record-Breaking Quarter With Series 3 Sales Up 100 Percent


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Jun 18, 2010
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According to Apple’s Q1 results, which were announced last night, the Apple Watch has just had its best ever quarter, with the Series 3 selling twice as many units as the previous year’s Series 2 models. This led to Apple Watch seeing a 50% growth in units and revenue for the fourth quarter in a row.

When this figure is combined with AirPods and Beats sales for the quarter, Apple’s total revenue from wearables rose by almost 70% from the year-ago quarter. Wearables such as Beats, Apple Watch, and AirPods combine with Apple TV, iPod and other accessories to form the “Other” category in Apple’s results, and this quarter that whole sector raked in $5.5 billion for Apple. This was up by $1.5 billion from the year-ago quarter, which saw $4 billion in revenue.

Apple revealed yesterday that its wearables group was the second biggest contributor to its revenue growth, after the iPhone.

Source: Apple Watch Sees Best Quarter Ever With Series 3 Sales Up More Than 100% Compared to Series 2 Sales Last Year