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Apple Watch Coming to Target on October 18th


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Jul 27, 2011
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For folks who want the easiest way to get the new Apple Watch, October 18th is your date, and Target will be your target. Apple has teamed up with the mega retailer and will begin selling the Apple Watch in Target stores on October 18th.

Target plans to stock 20 different models. The prices will range from $349 for the 38mm Watch Sport, up to $599 for a stainless steel 42mm Watch model.

Hmmm... Apple seems to have marketed the Apple Watch as a high end watch replacement. Do you think this will hurt Apple's brand cachet at all in this arena?

Source: Apple Watch is Coming to Target!
You're certainly not going to see the Apple Watch Edition at Target and not every city has an Apple Store. For customers without access to an Apple Store, places like Target and Best Buy are the best way to get a hands on look at the Apple Watch. Not every one likes to buy online without seeing the item in person. I think this will help Apple sell more Apple Watches.