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Apple Watch App 'Breaking News' Will Let Users Send Tips to Break Stories Sooner


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Aug 26, 2014
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Apple has been working hard to try to convince the public why they should buy the new Apple Watch. One of the big reasons is for apps like the New York Times app, which will send breaking news headlines to your Apple Watch.

A new app, called Breaking News, has unveiled a tip button feature in their app that will allow Apple Watch users to tip the news station with breaking news. What this entails is when a user witnesses what they might deem 'news,' they would hit the 'Tip' button, which sends the user's location to the station. At this point, there is nothing in place to allow the user to add any notes to indicate what the news might be, but that could come later.

The idea is that the news station will be alerted when a cluster of users in the same region tip the news station, thereby being able to monitor the situation sooner.


Breaking News co-founder Cory Bergman writes, "This is wired right into our content management system, and it’s rather easy for us to run location searches in our tool." He continues, "We’re already thinking about how a cluster of tips could automatically trigger location searches for editors, making it even easier for us to detect news from social media very quickly. ...Our goal is to get faster at detecting news near our users around the world."

Bergman is aware that new users may tap the button just for fun, but eventually will use it meaningfully. Additionally, waiting for other tips in the region to go off may weed out the pranks from the real news.

This is a fine example of using the Apple Watch not just as a fast, easy, and convenient way to receive information, but to deliver information similarly. It is the development of this kind of app that I believe will make the Apple Watch a "must buy," rather than an expensive iPhone extension.

Source: The Verge
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