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Apple TV 4 gen owners


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Mar 20, 2012
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Alberta Canada
Do you have the latest ATV? Which model do you have? What are your impressions of the device, the remote, the apps?
I just got an ATV 4 (32GB) for Christmas and still playing around with it. Too new yet to form a valid opinion but will come back when I know more. Currently researching other users/forums on the best way to setup/use an ATV. Trying to determine how stock stands up against others.
We have two 64GB models. One in the living room and I just bought my son one for his bedroom for Christmas. I believe I've had the one in my living room for over a year now, has it been out that long? I think I got if for Christmas last year iirc.

Anyways, we love them. My 8 year old son finally got so tired of his 3rd gen Apply TV in his room he asked for a 4th gen for Christmas. He also has the nice gaming controller sold at the Apple Store with a lighting port charger.

I like the 4th gen simply because it's so much faster and easier to navigate than the old one. The voice recognition works great as well. The games are fun and are actually somewhat comparable to real console games in graphics. Mostly we use it for arcade style "pick up and play for fun" games. Not COD type games. However my son did just download the new Minecraft and is very impressed with it. He said it is very comparable to the PC version. Way better than his iPad version.

I use it every day for YouTube which works way better than the 3rd gen Apple TV. I can't figure out how to "LIKE" a video though. But all my subscriptions are easy to navigate. It does a great job of recommending videos it thinks I would like to watch.

We still do currently have two 3rd gen Apple TV's hooked up in our house but I plan to replace those soon with new ones.

Overall, for the cost, I'd highly recommend the new 4th gen Apple TV. IMO they have always been a bargain even at the new price points.
I have two 64GB 4th gens and one of each of the previous gens in my home.

The 4th gens are nice in that you can fully decide what apps to install instead of previous generations where it's standard, out of the box.

The remote takes a little getting used and I find that it's really sensitive. Sometimes I'll scroll sideways by accident when all I really wanted to do was move up and down. The siri voice command deal is a nice touch too. And the whole interface feels fresh compared to the previous gens.

I also very much like that you can setup Apple Music on the new gen. Not available on 3rd gen or older.

The ability for gaming is also a plus. I purchase the Stratus XL game controller from the Apple store and love using it when gaming. It's responsive and super convenient when I just wanna be lazy around the house. Swapping from movie watching to games on the fly.