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Apple Store Customer Become a Victim of an Anti-Gay Slur Printed on Receipt


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Jun 15, 2010
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Bay Area, CA

Apple Stores have mostly been a a respected and kind environment in the past, but we can't forget that behind those lovable blue shirts, are actual people, and people do bad things.

An employee at one Portland, Oregon Apple Store location seems to have gay-bashed a recent customer. Adam Catanzarite was a victim of discrimination, going into the Portland location to purchase some Earpods, leaving with a receipt with "[email protected]" written as his email.


Now of course this wasn't any sort of a coincidence, it was the act of an employee typing the slur into the system. Adam mentioned that he spoke to the store manager about the incident, but the manager failed to rectify the situation.

“Being queer and having worked with queer youth, I know first-hand that this is an example of the type of homophobic beliefs and actions that lead young people to harm themselves”, said Catanzarite in a Facebook post. “This type of action is NOT OKAY, especially from a company that prides itself on being LGBTQ inclusive and welcoming".

OregonLive.com reported that Apple is aware of the situation, but isn't providing any further information. One thing is for sure, if the folks at Apple HQ are aware of this, one person is out of a job.