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Apple Seeds iOS 7 Beta 3 to Developers


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Jun 15, 2010
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Bay Area, CA
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Nearly a month has passed since Apple revealed iOS 7 at WWDC 2013 in San Francisco. During this time, Apple released 3 renditions of the iOS 7 Beta firmware to developers. Today, the people at Apple have seeded iOS 7 Beta 3 to developers.

With each new version of the iOS 7 Beta firmware come bug fixes, improvements and sometimes even new, or changed, features. Folks already running any version of the iOS 7 Beta firmware can simply update to the latest beta by going to Software Update in the Settings app. The iOS 7 betas are available to anyone who wishes to pay the $99/year premium for an iOS Developer's Account. Plenty cheap services are offered on the web to just have a UDID registered for a device, allowing the firmware to be activated after installed.

So far here is a list of changes in the new iOS 7 Beta 3 firmware (via iDownloadBlog):
  • Faster and more reliable than previous releases (of course)
  • Minor UI changes in Notification Center (new font)
  • Minor UI changes in Music app (new font)
  • Minor UI changes in Weather app (new font)
  • Larger status bar items on Lock screen
  • Calendar app now shows scheduled events on monthly view
  • New search bar and pull-to-refresh animation in Mail app
  • Folders now appear more transparent
  • New icon animations when downloading an app
  • New font in Settings app
  • New font and font color in Messages app
  • New animation when accessing Spotlight search
  • Minor UI tweaks in Safari search (new keyboard for unibar search)
  • You can now use apps while they’re updating
  • Lock screen now shows clock while playing a song
  • New animation when compressing video to be shared
  • .com key in Safari’s unibar keyboard is finally gone
  • New Top Charts icon in the App Store
  • Boot up no longer shows spinning wheel
  • Brightness and Wallpaper page have been updated with iOS 7 UI
  • Now Playing track now displayed fully in Music app
  • You can now pinch-to-zoom in Music app while in landscape mode


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Jul 9, 2013
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Just updated my iPhone5 with the latest version. It seems they have improved lot many bugs and now checking #skype shutdown issue. Hope they've solved this issue too.

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