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Apple Now Sells Refurbished 4th Generation iPod Touch for $89


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Jun 15, 2010
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Bay Area, CA

Four years ago, Steve Jobs took the stage and told the public that the iPod Touch had become the #1 portable game system in the world. Folks wanting an iOS device but not wanting an iPhone would usually go with the iPod Touch or an iPad. I know a few people that actually use all three devices on the daily.

Today, Apple dropped the price of the refurbished 8GB iPod Touch 4th generation model from $129 to $89. This include a 1-year warrently, but unfortunately does not support iOS 7, or the future iOS 8.

Although it is a bit of an old device, the 4th generation iPod Touch is still iOS 6 capable. Folks can still use the 4G iPod Touch as a remote, workout device, or even give it to some family members who live far away so that they have a device to use FaceTime on. Don't get us wrong, a WiFi enabled iOS device with two cameras and 8GB of memory for under $100 is a bit of a steal!