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Apple Health APP....History data


Jun 30, 2013
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App seems to be working fine. But, how do I look at yesterday's data. If I check the app before I get out of bed in the morning everything reads zero as it should. What I want to see is how I did yesterday. The summaries are no help because they don't show the data just a graph.

I searched around and didn't find anything so, I'd appreciate any advice.
This is what I have been doing to see previous data. Tap one of the tiles, for this example I will use the Steps tile. In the Steps window you will see the tile at the top with lists of info below it. Tap on the list entry entitled "Show All Data" and you will be shown a list of data with the relevant dates down the right column. You can then tap one of the dates to view all of the data included in that data timeframe. This is the only method I know of to view data for individual dates.

It's not the best method, but, as far as I know it is the only way to view that data in the default Health app. Perhaps someone can chime in with a better method. I would very much like to find an app that does a better job of displaying data but I cannot afford to pay for a better app right now.
Thanks for the response. I tried it and could get the list but no total. Seems quite sloppy of apple. I've been looking to see if there is some third party app that would aggregate the data. I hope someone does that.

Anyway--I walked 2.17 miles this afternoon mowing the lawn.