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Apple app houses tethering possibility


Oct 3, 2011
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San Jose, CA


The world of tethering is a mysterious place. Chris Simpson, a very well known figure in the world of jailbreaking, recently posted a YouTube tutorial in order to demonstrate to user the capabilities of the QuasiDisk app and how to set it up tethering. So the app encapsulates a hidden ability to tether the smartphone to a laptop. Interesting, indeed.

If users decide to try this out, the result will be they ending up sharing the Internet connection of the phone with the laptop. Of course, carriers usually charge a fee for this kind of service, if you are interested in being legal. AT&T usually charged some extra $20 per month.

QuasiDisk is advertised as an innocent file manager and file viewer. Nothing dubious about that, right? Users get to upload files, documents and photos from a FTP server. So far so good. But Simpson claims that the app has some special powers boasting. The video is proof of that.
To tether your device, just start the app’s FTP server and connect it to a wireless network on a laptop. Then enter SOCKS and HTTP proxy setting on the device and puff you are done and ready to roll.

Apple usually removes tethering apps from the App Store with the speed of light, sometimes without giving any explanation for the decision made. This week QuasiDisk was still available from at the AppStore. Back in November, Apple axed the iTether app. The software only managed to live a few hours on the dangerously mined field.

Source: ComputerWorld

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